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About Genwat.

Genwat aims to provide renewable energy through its Micro Renewable Energy to waste plants across the UK and Europe. We use the waste that is destined for landfill to create renewable energy. Once the necessary approvals have been obtained a plant can be constructed and operational within two years providing a 24 x 7 operation with world class levels of environmental performance. The modular nature of our plants means that capacity can easily be added to deal with both domestic and commercial waste.

Genwat is committed to working with communitites to create to create better long-term energy policies and solutions whilst reducing the environmental impact typically associated with energy production.

Genwat's key aims include contributing to the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions, maintaining the reliability of energy supplies and ensuring that industry and homes benefit from affordable electricity. In addition we will create sustainable local employment opportunities in the construction, commissioning and operation of all our facilities.
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