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Communities. Genwat Services Limited.

The community is the cornerstone of Genwat Plc's ethical and green ethos.

Genwat aims to provide communities with three key benefits

Low Cost energy, both electricity and heating;
Employment in the Plants and economic stimulation locally as businesses locate nearby to take advantage of lower energy costs; and
Reduced Council Tax charges over time as the local Councils require less landfill and use Genwat's facilities to reduce waste.

Renewable energy should be generated locally and Genwat believes that local waste can be used efficiently to produce lower cost energy for local homes and businesses. With no environmental impact, Genwat's plants produce clean energy where it is needed.

Genwat welcomes consultation with any member of the community and will explain in detail the economic advantages of the local installation of an energy from waste plant.

Please use the contact page to send your request for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.
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