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Links. Genwat Services Limited.

These organisations will provide help and advice to Genwat partners. Please click on the links to access further information and please mention Genwat when contacting them.
Potential B2B opportunity for Genwat - Genwat is considering the provision to businesses of Exact Voltage Control systems to organisations seeking to reduce their electricity costs. This is complementary to Genwat's proposal to build Energy from Waste plants as it will provide access to high consumers, which may provide a valuable customer database for a retail proposition in the future.

Currently, this is deliberately not a Genwat company as the core offering will not be diluted ahead of its main fundraising but it can be brought into Genwat at an appropriate time.
Mark Mills, Chairman - Mark Mills, Chairman of Genwat Services Limited is also a business speaker and his website can be found at Mark Mills which also features other companies of which Mark is also Chairman.
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