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Genwat Chairman welcomes research

Genwat Chairman welcomes research
Genwat Chairman welcomes research 30th July 2009
Research lead by Dr. Patrick Devine-Wright of the University of Manchester finds support for renewable energy but calls for good communication to highlight benefits.
The research found evidence of substantial social consent, both for renewable energy generally and for specific projects, and little evidence to support the continued use of the NIMBY (not in my back yard) concept to explain why some people oppose project proposals. The research concluded that rather than trying to dismiss and undermine legitimate questioning and criticism of particular renewable energy projects, industry and policy makers should instead focus on protecting and nurturing social consent for what is a key part of a low carbon future.

No simple formula will achieve this, as each place and context has distinctive characteristics, but the research shows that the importance of factors such as enhancing local benefits; timely and meaningful engagement by developers; trust; and fair planning procedures.

Commenting on the research Mark Mills said that "Genwat welcome this report which fully supports our approach of engaging with all community stakeholders in order that all can benefit from the low carbon economy".
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